Alexander Verhoek

Alexander is an out of the box thinker with a hands on mentality who believes in a bright future and our ability to build this together.

For a while now, I’ve introduced myself as a full stack marketer. And I am. I’m also much more.

I’m a rebel, but with a cause(many). I almost became a lawyer. I am an uncle.  I am an environmentalist, an activist, but also a pacifist. I am a writer, a thinker and a lifetime student. I’m an optimist. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m a world citizen. 

But most of all, I’m here to help out all the inspirational people and brands with their online presence. Because together we can make magic happen!


Fun facts

  • 📚I read 100+ books a year, but I fear I might not be able to read all the books I want in life.
  • ⬅️I lived in a van for half a year while traveling the South of Europe 
  • 🖊️I am secretly working on a inspirational novel(ssh!)
  • ⛺I’m in love with wild camping
  • 🗻My dream is to become a motivational speaker helping people get everything out of life
AlexScheveningen kopie

Full stack marketer

Alexander is a self educated full stack marketer, a real autodidact.

Having taught myself all the skills necessary to become a full stack marketer I now know all the ins and outs to have an inspirational online presence. 
I help inspirational people/brands/organizations who are doing their part in helping the planet or people around them.